Sexy Tattoo Girl: Where you should place your tattoo?

Where you should place your sexy girl tattooSometimes girls will choose the tattoo is very sexy, but they will put them in the wrong area of the body which reduces the nature of the design section! You'll want to choose the placement of your tattoo designs carefully.

Here are some great places for your sexy tattoos:

Where you should place your sexy girl tattoo

1. Navel. This is a great place for tattoos sexy. Girls have a pierced navel, low rise pants and skirts, and a tattoo would be a big job to step up even more sexy. This is an instant eye catcher and automatically put you in the world "sexy". Consider the design of small to medium as opposed to big. You want to highlight your sexy little smoother, as opposed to trying to shout it loud and excessive.

2. Leg. Wow, clear foot tattoo sexy! This is an area which overlooked a lot of girls who were not initially considered. It's definitely worth consideration and can look very beautiful and unique with open shoes and painted toes.

3. Hips. Another place large sections, especially for low-rider jeans girls or girls bikini as the place will drive most anyone, and many women, wild! There's something about hip tattoo just screams sexy. Two of them, really subtle but once you find it eye catching. It's not too "out there" or risque, a little more unique and flattering.

An important note about the tattoo back: You'll see I've left lower back tattoo. Although many consider this area for the placement of tattoos sexy, girl, it really has "played". Now the day of slang terminology has emerged to back low-fat - "tramp stamp." This is because too many girls jumping on the bandwagon overplayed hip and lower back. Consider other placement options listed section before going to re-design is no longer in style.


[1] Chess McDoogle,