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Another common tattoo design portrays the lotus flower.Such flowers grow heading for the light at the surface of a still pond and when they finally emerge they blossom into a beautiful flower. Some see Lotus flowers tattoo designs as powerful symbols for spiritual awakening and rebirth. Others take it as an example of strength, for overcoming tough adversity in life, never giving up.The iris can represent wisdom and intelligence; Daisies tattoo designs symbolize innocence, and are commonly tattooed together with children names; Sunflower tattoos stand for adoration; Heathers represent dreams coming true; Lily tattoo designs are also love by women as symbols of wealth, purity and pride; Narcissus tattoos are for very self confident people and express self admiration, vanity.There are many other flowers and each of them represents a perfect tattoo for most of women and even some men. All you need is the right tattoo designs website where you will be able to admire many beautiful flower tattoo designs and get the perfect idea for your own.