Tattoo Designs- Minimalist Designs

Alyssa Milano-Rosary Tattoo

Tattoos also vary. Once was at the forefront the design, we could say a small painting in full color spectrum. Today, a multitude of colors is replaced the simple black; pictures have been replaced by signs and miscellaneous signs. "From overall to minimalism" is the motto of celebrities. The main feature: tattoo represents something that they cherish the most.

Hayden Panettiere-Vivere memento

Let's see ... Hayden Panettiere is adorned with the inscription " Vivere memento ", meaning "Remember to live", Angelina Jolie is the inscription dedicated to Billy Bob Thornton replaced with the geographical coordinates of places of birth of her children (more than prima facie proof of the emotional importance of tattoos), Pink has on forearms written the name of her puppy, which she had, Jessica Alba is decorated with Sanskrit symbol of lotus flower. If for Victoria Beckham is most important love life because her neck is adorned with Hebrew inscriptions on its belonging to him and vice versa, of course, has first place in the life of Mary J. Blige faith. For difference of the latter, which is fanatical Christian, Alyssa Milano is clearly polarized; she has chosen the rosary and Hindu symbol Om. Rihanna is simply a star; Nicole Richie (surprisingly) thinks she's an angel on earth...

Tattoos Designs- Minimalist Designs