Writing Tattoo Designs - Some Tips and Suggestions

Writing Tattoos are very popular and you have to agree that they do look very cool and interesting, however there is nothing worse than deciding on those words of inspiration and having them tattooed on your body in Chinese or Arabic writing etc only to be told later that the tattoo does not say what you think it does.

My very first suggestion therefore is to make sure you get a proper template prior to visiting the tattoo artist, if you have some saying or phrase he has never heard of and you want it as a wrist tattoo as a Chinese tattoo or an Arabic tattoo odds are the tattoo artist does not speak either of these languages nor does he know how to write them.

The trick of picking the same words from several designs just does not work and instead of something cool and personal and truly motivational you could end up with a pile of utter rubbish that makes no sense.

So do your home work and be prepared. Star tattoos are very popular and there is no danger here in a mistake here, as there are literally dozens of different designs. Again you should get the template and make sure you get the one you really like, after all its going to be there for a time.

Chinese tattoos are the most common but the language is anything but, with over 65,000 characters it is crucial that you get the correct translation. There are several different scripts used in Chinese Tattoos and a professional can ensure you utilise the correct one and provide an accurate template.

Arabic Tattoos are proving just as popular with a style of writing Calligraphy which can provide your inspiration saying in what looks like a landscaped picture. Arabic Tattoos can be designed to look like an abstract drawing and still translate accurately they can be like a work of art from Picasso. However it is a complex and difficult skill so again it is imperative that you get the correct translation and template to take along to the tattoo artist.

If done right it will look right and you will avoid the embarrassment of having utter nonsense written on your body so my main tip and suggestion has to be plan what you want, be very sure of the saying and then get a professional interpretation and template.