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celtic butterfly tattoo wallpaperThey also like them placed on their ankles and shoulder Celtic knot Butterfly tattoo can be found on many different parts of the body, and many women place them as lower back tattoos, as well as their navel. Men are beginning to use the butterfly tattoo as well, just not as much as women. Women favor the butterfly tattoo because of its free spirit, and transformation from one life cycle to another, thus going from birth through puberty to adulthood.

Many of the Celtic tattoo designs were decorated with beautiful colors and Celtic knots (also a symbol of never ending changes), and have become so popular that many people of all ages are beginning to have Celtic Knot Butterfly tattoo put on their bodies. Even today Celts use the Celtic Knot butterfly tattoo to acknowledge their heritage. They often tattooed themselves with beautiful Celtic tattoo designs of their favorite symbols of life. The Celts didn't keep many ancient records, but stories were passed from one generation to the next. They also represented the transformation, the rebirth, and the renewal of life.

This would be one of the reasons why the Celtic Knot butterfly tattoo is so popular. The Celts believed that butterflies were fairies, and that they brought abundance and good fortune, as well as growth and change. The belief was that in order for it to be reborn, it had to conceal itself in the food or drink of a woman, and after the woman consumed her meal the butterfly would impregnate her and soon be reborn as a human. They believed that each butterfly had its own soul. Butterflies were a very religious symbol in the Celtic Society.

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