celtic moon tattoo

celtic moon tattoo wallpaperThey can be rendered on human's skin either in full and vibrant colors or just the The whole ensemble usually have the sun's rays brightly radiating and some prefers to add stars to complete the moon's team. They are normally rendered on the skin as half sun and half moon combined in one whole cirlce to create a unified theme. The sun and moon tattoo can be best tattooed on upper areas of the body such as the nape, shoulder blade, upper back and chest area. They can be taken as opposite yet when taken together can create a complementary relationship.

The Sun is the spirit and the vital force while the Moon symbolizes the material forms and everyday personality. The moon is all about feelings, intuitions and the feminine psyche and principles. The sun is a symbolism for the divine consciousness, for the basic life force and physical body. The sun drives our purpose and existence in this world for us to achieve peace and happiness.

The sun and moon typifies the grand principle of all generations, the active and the passive. creativity and imagination, emotions and instincts. The moon is a symbol for femininity like beauty and love. The sun represents masculinity with chacteristics like powerful, strong, authoritative and wise.

Everything about the sun and moon is contradictory in nature when taken as separate elements. The sun and moon blending together as one tattoo design creates a powerful statement that unity is better to create balance and harmony. The sun and moon tattoo is preferred by tat enthusiasts who want to represent the opposite sides of everything, like the good and bad or the yin and the yang.

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