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chinese lettering tattoo pictureIt is certainly not a decision to be taken lightly or It may not be necessary to say it but if you choose to get a permanent tattoo, Chinese or not, it is exactly that, permanent. Chinese tattoos are available in many different designs because the language is made up of thousands of characters rather than the few letters in the English alphabet. Making the perfect, meaningful choice .

All that combined with the size and placement of your tattoo, and your body's ability to heal, make it impossible to predict how many treatment sessions your tattoo removal might entail. And speaking of type of ink, there are over 100 varieties of tattoo inks out there, and sometimes pigments undergo chemical changes after you get tattooed. The number of treatments you'll need to completely remove your tattoo also depends on the type of ink your tattooist used and how deeply he or she injected it. The fact that they also look cool doesn't hurt either.

chinese lettering tattoo design Part of the interest, one would guess, is how unique each character seems and so the chances of someone else having the same one is unlikely. There is an endless mythical history in Asian cultures, it's no wonder Westerners are drawn to these types of tattoos, Chinese designs being the most popular and sort after around the world. We picture friends and strangers asking with keen interest about our decision behind such a choice, which may even lead some people to create elaborate stories about their own life. Their mystery, sleek design and hidden meanings draw on our curiosity like moths to a flame. Anyone who has ever thought of getting a tattoo has considered the option of a Chinese tattoo or for that matter a Korean or Japanese tattoo.

Makes you wonder about all the times you wondered into a tattoo artist's workshop and flipped through the hundreds of Chinese tattoos available looking for that perfect one which symbolized your life on this planet. There is even an entire blog dedicated to the misuse of these characters. Spend a few minutes surfing the net for information on Chinese tattoos and you will quickly notice a recurring theme warning the would be tattoo recipient to ensure they know someone reliable who can accurately translate the meaning before they just go ahead a slap one on.

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