Famous Tattoo Designs

Existence of tattoo designs on human bodies have been significant since ancient times, wherein the members of tribal clans used to ink tribal tattoo designs on themselves in certain symbols that depicted their clan and their natural strength. According to the history of tattoos, in some parts of the world, people with tattoos on their skin were considered to be evil in the cultural societies in earlier times. However, things have changed now. In today’s modern world, people who stand in for a certain point in their lives are highly looked upon, and people with tattoo designs are considered to be among them. Unlike earlier, when tattoos were chosen and done on a random basis just because they looked good, these days, tattoo designs are carefully chosen. People just don’t want any random design, they want a sign that symbolizes their belief and their personality. Tattoos are more than just body art, they are a reflection of what the person is, therefore choosing a tattoo design as per your personality and style becomes extremely important!

Famous Tattoo Designs

Getting yourself inked is a very important decision. A wrong hairstyle can be corrected, and so can a bad dressing sense. But a tattoo is something that remains forever. Of course, tattoo removal is possible, but trust me, it’s more painful and costly than getting a tattoo done! The laser removal technique requires a lot of sessions and literally burns up the skin. So be wise and save yourself from the trouble. Another big mistake that people tend to make (according to me), is to get a tattoo with the name of their boyfriend/girlfriend or best friends. Of course, getting best friend tattoos is a great thing to do, but I know so many people who unfortunately couldn’t hold the relationship together and were left with the tattoo which reminded them of the tragedy again and again. So be really very careful before you decide to get one. Anyways, let’s leave the advice session at this point and let’s continue with the famous tattoo designs for men and women.

Celtic Tattoo Designs
Celtic tattoo designs are unique and brilliant because of their amazing Celtic knot pattern. The Celtic cross design is one of the famous tattoo designs that is popular in both men and women. Men specifically go for the Celtic symbols for strength which includes the dragon, wolf, boar, sword, etc. These tattoos are made in blue or black colors with bold and deep patterns, giving these tattoos a very masculine and appealing look. Have a look some of them.

  • Celtic Armband Tattoos
  • Celtic Knot Tattoos
  • Celtic Love Knot Tattoo Designs
  • Celtic Motherhood Knot Tattoo
  • Celtic Cross Tattoos
Butterfly Tattoo Designs
Butterfly tattoos are very famous, especially among women as it represents beauty, elegance and independence. But bold patterns on butterflies are something that are in demand by men as well! If you get yourself inked from a good tattoo artist, artistic use of patterns and colors in a butterfly tattoo can add to the personality of a person, be it men or women. Some popular butterfly tattoo ideas would be

  • Butterfly Wrist Tattoos
  • Butterfly Back Tattoos
  • Butterfly Tattoos with Names
  • Celtic Butterfly Tattoos
  • Butterfly Tattoos on Hip
Japanese Tattoo Designs
Japanese tattoos are one of the ancient body art forms that has been into existence since ages. Japanese tattoos look trendy, classy, artistic as well as equally stylish! For those who are fond of the Japanese culture, it is not just a tattoo, it is an admiration! Have a look at some of the interesting Japanese tattoo designs.
  • Japanese Sleeve Tattoos
  • Japanese Flower Tattoos
  • Japanese Dragon Tattoos
  • Japanese Tattoo Symbols
  • Koi Fish Tattoos
Tribal Tattoo Designs
The reason why tribal tattoo designs are so popular in both men and women is because of their in depth significance and connection with the power of nature. Tribal tattoo designs when made in Celtic patterns also give a very down to earth yet bold impression of the person getting it. It depicts the connection of the inner soul with mother nature and respect for the tribal culture.
  • Tribal Animal Tattoos
  • Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs
  • Tribal Skull Tattoos
  • Native American Tribal Tattoos
  • Maori Tribal Tattoos
Zodiac Tattoo Designs
Designing or modifying your zodiac sign with other elements which will help depict your true personality is something that is very popular these days. For example, a Pisces zodiac sign can be modified into a trendy zodiac tattoo by inking the two wishes as dragon fishes. Or one fish as the normal one and the other a fierce dragon, representing both the calm and the fierce side of your personality. This will give an impression to the person that although you are sensitive and calm, you also have the potential to come up with your fierce persona if required. Have a look at some popular zodiac tattoo designs.
  • Pisces Tattoo Designs
  • Tribal Zodiac Tattoos
  • Gemini Tattoo Designs
  • Capricorn Tattoo Designs
  • Scorpio Tattoo Designs
  • Leo Zodiac Tattoos
  • Taurus Tattoo Designs
  • Virgo Tattoo Designs
  • Cancer Tattoos
  • Aquarius Tattoo Designs
  • Aries Tattoo Designs
  • Sagittarius Tattoos
  • Libra Tattoos
Cross Tattoos
Holy Cross tattoo designs for women and men are very famous when it comes to religious tattoos. The cross can be inked in so many different patterns and designs by a good tattoo artist, that the same concept can be refreshing and new every time.
  • Jesus Cross Tattoos
  • Iron Cross Tattoos
  • Maltese Cross Tattoos
  • Small Cross Tattoos
  • Tribal Cross Tattoos
Flower Tattoo Designs
Flower tattoos are not only confined to women, as perceived by many! As mentioned earlier, if a good tattoo artist applies his/her creativity into the tattoo, the so called 'feminine tattoo design' can give men one of their desired tattoo! Have a look at some of the popular flower tattoo designs.
  • Orchid Tattoos
  • Cherry Blossom Tattoo
  • Iris Flower Tattoo
  • Rose Vine Tattoos
  • Calla Lily Tattoos
Dragon Tattoo Designs
Dragon tattoos are known to be the most sought after and popular designs among all. The reason for the popularity of this tattoo is because the traits of the dragon are so appealing to humans! A dragon is known to be the symbol of leadership and authority in China. It is fierce and dominant, and also one of the most powerful creatures on this planet. Have a look at some of the famous dragon tattoo designs.
  • Koi Dragon Tattoo
  • Tribal Dragon Tattoo Designs
  • Chinese Dragon Tattoos
  • Asian Dragon Tattoos
  • Dragon Tattoos on Back
So these were some of the most popular tattoo designs for both men and women. In fact, tattoo quotes too, are something which people are going for a lot these days! No matter what you choose to ink, the ground rules for selecting the perfect tattoo for you is to keep in mind that this design should reflect what you are and what your beliefs are and will be. The design should be something that you stand by, something that you will be proud to flaunt all your life and not hide under any circumstance. I know many many people who have got a tattoo design which was once famous, but years down the line, the tattoo is nothing but just a reason to repent. So ink something that is and always will be close to your heart, something that you’ll proudly tell stories about and not refer to as ‘just a tattoo’. All the best!